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Seoul Night Tour

Seoul Night Tour 

N Seoul Tower is one of the most famous landmarks in Seoul created by the perfect combination of the natural environment of Namsan (Mt.) and cutting-edge technology.

The dazzling lights of the “Castle Wall of Lights”, from Cheonggye Plaza to the Mojeongyo (Bridge) and the “Palace of Lights”, from Mojeongyo (Bridge) to Gwanggyo, are almost intoxicating.

Dongdaemun is busier at night than during the day. The night markets are open from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following morning and the dawn market from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. The markets are packed to the rafters with wholesalers from everywhere across the nation during business hours and is quite some sight to behold. 


  • Transportation tour with English guide
  • Admission fee
  • Pick up & Drop off : From Hotel which is located in Central Tourist Spot.  

**There will be an additional surcharge for drop off at your Hotel 
and it takes around 1hour after drop off other tourists. 
The surcharge will be depended on the hotel location.  

Additional Information:

  • This tour is operated in air / heating conditioned vehicles. 

Tour Starts Time: 18.30 Hrs

Duration: 3 Hrs 30 min

Package Inclusive

Booking Period: 20 Sep 2017 to 31 Dec 2018
Travel Period: 20 Sep 2017 to 31 Dec 2018

important hint:

  • Guide to the use of English to explain.
  • Make sure you call the travel company at least 24 hours prior to your trip, at: 82-2-739-3337 (24 hours telephone) to confirm the specific pick-up time. This time may vary from travel time on your travel voucher (+ / - 60 minutes).

Pick-up information (if applicable)

  • Departure and service: Central tourist hotel.

** If you need to send us to your own hotel, we will charge you a fee, and you will need to send the other passengers about 1 hour before you will be sent. 
The other charges are based on your hotel distance. 

Terms and conditions:

  • All travel items are subject to confirmation and payment in advance.
  • Unused travel items will not be refunded.
  • Our itinerary schedule includes the time to stop the tourist attractions.
  • The tour guide may adjust the itinerary as appropriate, depending on the weather and traffic conditions.
  • Visitors may pay a tip as appropriate.
  • Free travel of children can not enjoy free meals, if there is no extra seats, free travel children must take the guardian's legs
  • If the Sightseeing Travel Company considers that the behavior of certain visitors violates the infringement or hinders the rights of others, the Sightseeing Travel Company reserves the right to ask any interested person to withdraw from any travel program without any further liability.
  • Sightseeing Travel Company is not responsible for any items that are forgotten or lost on its vehicle.
  • Transfers from the hotel's accommodation are available on some travel itineraries. Visitors are required to check with the pick-up service 24 hours prior to the departure date to confirm whether the hotel location is available for pick-up service.
  • The shuttle service will cover the vast majority of hotels in the city as much as possible, but does not ensure that every corner of the city can be covered.
  • If the travel company can not pick up from the designated place of residence, visitors will be advised to a place to be accessible.
  • The travel company has the right to change the itinerary or cancel the trip for any reason in a short or no advance notice.
  • When it is necessary to cancel the trip, the visitor will be given the following choice: (a) at any other time or date to participate in the canceled trip; or (b) to participate in other content of the trip.
  • If the visitor is not on the local driver or the receptionist, please call the person on the bill to contact him.
  • For hotel accommodation, please make sure to arrive at the designated location for at least 5 minutes in advance.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customer name entered in the booking form to follow passport.
  • For entry visa and transit visa, passports should have a minimum of 6 months validity after completing the journey.
  • It is the customer responsibility to obtain all Entry Visa or Transit Visa.
  • It is customer responsibility to check carefully for any errors made in the booking details, flight itineraries and travel vouchers immediately upon getting them.
  • Please pay attention to the billing currency indicated on the package. Billing currency would be the currency in which you will be billed in.
  • Prices are subject to surcharges during Peak season and Holiday season.
  • Hippo On Tour staff provides advisory information but do not undertake any responsibility whatsoever for any changes of information.
  • Prices and ticketing conditions are subject to change without prior notice before issuance of travel voucher.
  • Prices are not guaranteed until travel vouchers are issued and full payment has been received.
  • Hippo On Tour reserves the right to cancel any bookings
  • Any cancellation /amendment will be subject to charges. Please refer to Hippo On Tour Cancellation/Amendment Policy.
  • All packages are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
  • Any amendment after travel vouchers have been issued will be considered as a cancellation of the existing booking. Cancellation charges will be applied accordingly. Please refer to Hippo On Tour Cancellation Policies.
  • Email address must be correctly furnished. As a customer, you agree to accept email as a means of communication and delivery of Travel vouchers and confirmation of your booking. In doing so, you agree not to hold liable for any non-receipt of travel voucher or email confirmation.
  • As an additional measure to protect our customers, may request for photocopies of your credit card (back and front) and a Credit Card Authorization Payment Form to exclude the possibility that the card is being used by a third party, even after payment has been made. As a customer, you agree to cooperate and provide the necessary documents to if such a need arises.
  • Tickets are not to be used for touring purpose.
  • Tickets are sold for foreign and inbound visitors to the park.


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